Suspended mowers

HPS 2060 - HPS 2070 - HPS 2080

This mower has a center suspension system that makes ground following easier where the three-point linkage offers a significant reduction in transport sizes. The mower is available in 6 -7- 8 discs and it’s mostly suitable for small and medium farms. Standard equipment: Pto shaft with automatic clutch. Four transmission belts. Hydraulic lift and safety hook. Thick plastic canvas. Automatic release bar in case of impact during work. Adjustable cutting height through the tractor’s 3rd point. Reinforced oval disks with conveyor shell. Three-points 1st and 2nd category with side adjustment and removable pins.

Technical features

Tractor mouting frame

Reinforced heavy duty fabrication, with easy hitch system.

Transport position vertical locking

With a safety locking clip automatically inserted from the tractor.


oval, with built in cleaner and conveyor cover